“Our business is all about people. Even in today’s digital world, I still think a handshake goes a long way.”

– Thomas P. O’Neill III, CEO

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O’Neill and Associates has one mission: to help you reach the people critical to your business goals. Whether you want results with the local and national media, social media, City Hall, Beacon Hill, the Executive Branch, Capitol Hill, or your key customers and constituents, we can help you.

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O’Neill and Associates is creative, collaborative and flexible when it comes to developing, refining and executing strategies that build lasting client and community relationships. We believe our longstanding client retention rate is due to the unique ways we do business.

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Case Studies

Massachusetts Port Authority

For over twenty years, O’Neill and Associates has developed and implemented this agency’s strategies for federal funding and approvals. Recent successes include federal approval of the full eligible reimbursement rate...

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