GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.


GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., (GZA) is one of New England’s largest environmental and geotechnical consulting firms. GZA offers comprehensive engineering, design, remediation, regulatory compliance and construction management services.

O’Neill and Associates was hired when GZA’s application with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) was pending.  This presented a tremendous opportunity for GZA to expand its current business.  In order to maximize the business potential of GSA-approval, GZA decided to explore ways to best reach the decision makers at the particular federal agencies with whom the firm expected to be poised to do business with in the future.  Concurrently, GZA also sought to raise its profile and increase new business prospects regionally.


O’Neill and Associates developed and implemented a relationship marketing and government relations program on behalf of GZA.  These efforts included:

  • Assisting GZA in building its profile in the Boston market by facilitating introductions to key Boston opinion leaders;
  • Facilitating relationships between GZA representatives and decision makers at key federal agencies with whom GZA was able to do business as a GSA-approved company; and
  • Facilitating and fostering relationships between GZA representatives and key New England business leaders with a particular focus on real estate development, local hospitals, and institutions of higher learning.

O’Neill and Associates provided introductions, meetings, and relationship-building follow-up with key decision makers at federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Department of the Interior and various military branches. O’Neill and Associates also provided these services with members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation and key New England business leaders.

O’Neill and Associates’ strategy included:

  • Monitoring the particular environmental concerns of federal and state agencies as well as the particular budget constraints and sensitivities;
  • Maintaining excellent, long-term relationships with federal and state government purchasing decision-makers;
  • Providing GZA with a familiar, trusted presence before government entities; and
  • Building and maintaining GZA’s reputation as a resource for government decision makers.


As a result of O’Neill and Associates efforts, GZA forged important relationships with institutions of higher learning, health care, and private developers.  GZA significantly raised its profile within the New England business and government markets and won new clients as a result of this effort.

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