Crisis Communications

The O’Neill and Associates government relations professionals and Seven Letter communications team help clients proactively prepare for crisis situations, and should disaster strike, our experienced professionals are ready round the clock to serve as spokespeople and provide emergency guidance. If your reputation is on the line in a crisis situation; our services protect this valuable asset.

Our crisis and business continuity communication plans ensure that every angle of a potential crisis is addressed and that everyone on your team – from the receptionist to the CEO – is prepared to respond effectively. We are also the best team for responding to a developing crisis involving your company or one of your professionals. Frequently, we act in conjunction with legal counsel to create communications strategies that are successful and sensitive to legal and liability concerns.

We have overseen successful crisis management following data breaches, federal investigations and prosecutions, sexual harassment allegations, improper business practices, regulatory issues, reputational exposures, arraignments and indictments. Additionally, our professionals have managed crisis situations including fatal plane crashes, tanker accidents, race car accidents, and patient suicides.

Often crises either involve or attract the attention of government authorities. O’Neill and Associates’ and Seven Letter’s relationships with decision-makers on the local, state and federal levels ensure that our client’s side is heard amid the chaos of a crisis situation. We also provide and implement strategic communication plans to ensure that stakeholders, such as customers, investors and board members, are communicated with effectively and immediately in order to preserve goodwill and exhibit good faith.

Specific Services

  • Proactive emergency response and crisis communication planning
  • Round-the-clock crisis media support and rapid response
  • Stakeholder outreach
  • Media relations
  • Community relations
  • Government outreach
  • Social-Digital management

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