Digital Public Relations and Social Media

Virtually every government affairs and public relations engagement requires a strategic digital and social media component. Digital public relations and social media strategies will raise awareness of your brand, manage your company’s online reputation, monitor news and online conversation, inspire action on an issue, engage new audiences, generate leads, increase event attendance and position yourself as a thought leader.

Digital public relations and social media allow you to develop customized content and disseminate your messages to a large, target audience in a grassroots, user-friendly way. Our digital communications campaigns involve a combination of elements that will work best for you, including:

Content Marketing Strategy & Execution

Content Marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material that is not explicitly promotional, but is intended to stimulate interest in a brand. This is central to an effective inbound marketing strategy, which involves attracting users to our client’s site/blog/social media in order to gain followers, influence, and ultimately consumers.

Lead Generation

By combining innovative strategy and creative content, we can generate consumer interest and inquiry into the offerings of our clients. Once their interest has been obtained, we can generate lists of signups for our clients to follow up with. This generation of potential opportunities is great for list building, email marketing, and grassroots advocacy.

Channel Setup & Optimization

We have an understanding of which social media sites work best for individual brands, and can build profiles and pages from the ground up.

Campaign Planning & Execution

We have the capability to create objective-oriented social media campaigns to boost brand awareness, elevate a particular issue, build anticipation for an event, increase the influence of a particular client, and much more. Our digital strategists are capable of creating content calendars that demonstrate each strategic step that ultimately leads to a particular goal.

Real-Time Reputation Management

We can work to shape public perception of a particular client by providing them with up to the minute information on how their brand fares with consumers.

Sentiment Analysis

We can analyze how consumers feel about a brand, topic, or product as it happens. We can track and evaluate how people feel about each particular topic and generate strategies to either reduce negative reaction, or convert positive feedback into results.

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