Mother of Blind Son and Founder of Paths to Accessibility, Partners with National Braille Press to Produce “C is for Consent” in Braille

August 8, 2022

National Braille Press (NBP) announced today that the book C is for Consent by Eleanor Morrison is now available for purchase in braille through the efforts of Mina Sun of Berkeley, California, mother of a blind son and founder of the nonprofit Paths to Accessibility.  The book teaches children that it is okay to say no to physical contact such as hugs and kisses, and helps them become comfortable with communicating physical boundaries and also respect others’ boundaries as well.

“As the mother of a blind child, I am constantly trying to find ways to provide him with books and other learning materials that sighted children have,” said Sun. “It is both an access and equity issue, that is why I founded Paths to Accessibility which helped to fund the braille version of C is for Consent.”

Mina Sun has ordered braille books from NBP for her son Kai, a blind nine-year-old since he was three years old. She and her husband had spent countless hours brailling Kai’s books by hand so that he could read them at the same time as his sighted peers.

Sun and her family share the same goals as NBP that every child should have equal access to books without a higher price tag. She wanted the book C for Consent to be available to all blind children and others. “Morrison’s book is not just for children to learn about consent, but also for parents, teachers, and families to learn more about consent for all children, not just blind children,” said Sun.

“A blind child has to learn what is and is not acceptable regarding others touching them and they need to know how to articulate their boundaries with family, friends, and others,” said Sun.

The book’s author, Eleanor Morrison, said the idea was inspired by her son. “C is for Consent — a Kickstarter success story inspired by my then-infant son — was written as a board book to be friendly to the youngest possible audience. I ended it with discussion questions in order to open it up to older kids and adults, feeling strongly that the fundamentals of consent are meaningful for a wide audience. The publication in braille continues this mission of book accessibility, and I’m so grateful to Mina for her work in accomplishing this,” said Morrison.

“This is a very important subject that helps children go from being vulnerable to empowered and teaches them that they are in control of their bodies,” said Brian Mac Donald, President, National Braille Press.  It is imperative blind children also have this knowledge and we are excited to provide this book in braille.  We are thankful and excited to have partnered with Paths to Accessibility on such an important issue.”

Paths to Accessibility advocates for braille literacy for students in K-12 in addition to accessibility in sports and recreation, and legislative changes.

The braille version of C is for Consent is available through National Braille Press.

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