State Lobbying and Government Relations

O’Neill and Associates offers government relations services on the local, state and national levels to help clients get their messages through to the decision-makers important to their goals.  Whether the objective is to shape legislation, secure government funding, obtain approvals, or affect regulation, O’Neill and Associates is ready to provide the strategic government relations counsel and outreach necessary for success.

Our professionals, informed by backgrounds in all levels of government as well as the private sector, approach challenges with an awareness of the big picture and the ability to find common ground. O’Neill and Associates offers a unique brand of lobbying—one that offers solutions instead of sales pitches and is credible on both sides of the aisle. Our appropriations work has secured funding for projects ranging from highway and airport transportation construction to hospital expansions and non-profit service programs.

On the regional and local levels, O’Neill and Associates’ reach extends to municipal and state authorities throughout New England. Our relationships run deep throughout Massachusetts, spanning legislators and leadership, committee chairs and committee staff, agency heads and administrators. With matters relating to the City of Boston and other towns in the Commonwealth, O’Neill and Associates consistently delivers results to our clients.

Federally, O’Neill and Associates helps clients form productive relationships with Washington decision-makers, relying on our longstanding relationships with members of Congress, White House and executive branch officials and leading Washington organizations.

Specific Services

  • Lobbying
  • Grants and appropriations
  • Legislative analysis
  • Regulatory advocacy
  • Approvals

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O’Neill and Associates seeks to hire talented and dedicated professionals with experience in public relations and government work. For new hire inquiries or to submit a resume, please contact us.

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