FY24 New Hampshire Appropriations Analysis

January 26, 2024

Senator Maggie Hassan – did not participate

Senator Jeanne Shaheen

 Total Requested: 166 projects – $268,586,000

A&RD – 10 projects – $10,276,000

CSJ – 32 projects – $23,212,000

E&W – 7 projects – $10,063,000

FS&GG – 3 projects – $2,878,000

HS – 2 projects – $1,702,000

I&E – 17 projects – $76,905,000

LHHS&E – 55 projects – $41,454,000

MilCon&VA – 3 projects – $18,000,000

THUD – 37 projects – $84,096,000

Total Funded: 95 projects – $96,874,000

A&RD – 3 projects – $4,500,000

CSJ – 32 projects – $23,212,000

E&W – 1 project – $4,675,000

FS&GG – 2 projects – $878,000

HS – 2 projects – $1,702,000

I&E – 8 projects – $8,305,000

LHHS&E – 29 projects – $14,927,000

MilCon&VA – 3 projects – $18,000,000

THUD – 15 projects – $20,675,000

Senator Shaheena senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Chair of the Senate Appropriations Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Subcommittee, saw immense success with her state’s CDS project requests numerous police departments across New Hampshire secured funding under Senator Shaheen for improvements to various dispatch systems, upgraded patrol vehicles, training facilities, as well as new safety, and communication technology. As many as 22 departments submitted and received earmark requests through Senator Shaheen for public safety projects through Department of Justice accounts.

In a departure from the rest of her New England congressional counterparts, the lion share of Senator Shaheen’s project funds were not directed towards Labor, Health, and Human Services and Education accounts despite the physical number of submittals. In fact, they come in third, behind funding directed towards Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Interior and Environment accounts. Senator Shaheen signaled a focus on improving health systems across the state as more than half of the requests made through Labor HHS supported hospitals, schools, clinics, and mental health facilities.

Congresswoman Annie Kuster

Total Requested: 15 projects – $24.27 million

Total Funded: 12 projects – $10.33 million

Seven of Congresswoman Kuster’s 12 successfully awarded requests only received a portion of their funding request amount.,. Despite this fact, the Congresswoman still saw a majority of her CDS projects receive at least $1 million dollars in funding.  Rep. Kuster’s project requests that were funded covered agriculture, infrastructure, interior and environment, and public safety improvements, with the majority focusing on affordable housing projects.  Congresswoman Kuster was able to advance a number of affordable housing projects including one million for both the North County Shared Equity Housing and Roosevelt School Housing Project.

Congressman Chris Pappas

Total Requested: 15 projects – $21.37 million

Total Funded: 9 projects – $7.07 million

Rep. Pappas had the least number of projects and funding secured in comparison to his New England congressional colleagues, only receiving earmarks for nine of his 15 project requests totaling less than $10 million in FY24. As a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, a majority of his successful project requests fell under the Economic Development Initiatives account, with a heavy focus on public building renovation in the district.  The largest project Congressman Pappas was able to advance was for Londonderry’s Exit 4A Public Water and Sewer Facility Extension for over one million dollars under the Economic Development Initiatives account.




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For inquiries about eligible projects and more information about how O’Neill and Associates can assist your organization in preparing an impactful request for federal funding in the FY2025, please reach out to approps@oneillandassoc.com.

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