Christopher Tracy

Vice President

Christopher Tracy is a vice president in O’Neill and Associates’ community relations and government affairs practice. With over fifteen years of community relations and real estate development regulatory experience, Christopher provides clients valuable counsel on a variety of issues including community outreach, municipal relations, permitting, zoning, regulatory advocacy, real estate matters and licensing. He assists clients in defining key issues and in navigating any municipal or community concerns over proposed commercial and residential real estate developments and projects. He supports clients with business before local and state government agencies in cutting through red tape and an often arduous approval process. Christopher helps clients identify and engage key stakeholders, opinion leaders, and other audiences for strategic outreach purposes; his experience in the public sector and roles under three mayors has provided relationships with key decision makers in agencies that are critical to the prospective clients.

Prior to joining O’Neill and Associates, Christopher was a senior project manager for the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) now known as the Boston Planning and Development Authority (BPDA). As senior project manager, Christopher was responsible for managing the internal and external vetting process for large-scale real estate commercial and residential development projects throughout the City of Boston. He worked across multi-agency issues that arose around proposed developments and worked with agencies to alleviate concerns.

Christopher was previously a neighborhood coordinator for the City of Boston, a citizen’s assistance officer for the City of Newton and a legislative aide in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Christopher has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Boston College and a Master of Public Administration from Northeastern University.

You can reach Christopher at 617-646-1071.